About Us 

Krupp Technology Pte was founded in 2017 to provide state-of-the-art technology solutions in fleet management, asset tracking and monitoring. We assist transportation companies to remove or mitigate the risks associated with vehicle investment and management. We impact our clients’ businesses by reducing operation cost, improving efficiency, boosting productivity of the business by providing solution to help monitoring, tracking and controlling their vehicles.

Our Vision

To be the global provider of disruptive fleet management technology.

Our Mission

To provide our clients with critical intelligent real-time information for actionable business decisions.

Our product

Our product liability is based on proprietary design and internal antenna design that provide unmatched level of stability and reliability. Our smart monitoring system provides not only real-time tracking information, but also prediction of time and condition at arrival. We welcome strategic partners and investors to join us to transform the industry.

Our Team

Our team works hard every day heading toward a common goal: innovate and apply disruptive technology to our clients’ daily working process. Krupp Technology, with this orientation, commits to bring great values to the development of the society. We’re a team of enthusiastic engineers, data scientists, and developers bound together by our shared passion to pioneer the next-generation technology and make the impossible possible every single day.